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Clemens Birsak is an illustrator and author from Salzburg, Austria. He specializes in stylised digital illustration.
Characters flying

Alle suchen Wolferl
Das salzburger Wissens-Wimmelbuch

Wolferl is hiding in Salzburg! There is much to find and much to learn in this city. Accompany Wolferl and learn something new about Salzburg’s music, art and culture.

The following website is currently only available in German language.

Portrait Clemens Birsak

Hi, I’m Clemens.
I create digital imagery.

Master of Arts in Arts and Design.
Published illustrator and author.
Loves sunshine and white wine.

I aim to create images that touch people’s hearts.

Illustration can show you things, that don’t exist. I create images that no camera can capture and characters that no model can replace.

Whether for a poster, Instagram post, web header or book, I aim to create images that touch people’s hearts.

What is Disney without Mickey?

Characters have personalities and emotions, which they convey to all viewers. A good character design gives you a brand new way of communicating your products, services or stories to your customers. Just like a logo, your character is a representation of your brand.

Are you looking for stories?

My books can be bought right here in my shop. Funny books, evil books, some in English, some in German. Maybe you’ll find something for you or your loved ones. The shop page is currently only accessible in German.

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