Hidden Object Illustration of Lehen, a district of Salzburg

On behalf of the Academy Advertising Agency & Bar, for their client City of Salzburg, I had the privilege of illustrating this Hidden Object Picture of the Lehen district. The picture highlights the upcoming renovation works at Lehen Elementary School and Lehen Kindergarten. As a resident and native of Lehen myself, capturing this neighborhood in an image brought me great joy.

"Smart in Lehen!"

The renovation of Lehen Elementary School and Kindergarten will span over several years. Therefore, it is crucial to inform the residents about the construction process. The Hidden Object Picture will accompany the construction and can express, better than any architectural visualization, how children, teachers, and parents will interact with the educational institutions.

Wimmelbild von Lehen, Salzburg

More than just information

Even though it’s primarily about the educational institutions in Lehen, it was important to the City of Salzburg to capture the flair of Lehen. In addition to the school and kindergarten, you can also find the youth center and the mobile play bus. On Ignaz-Harrer-Straße, you can spot the Pride Parade, and graffiti artists make use of the graffiti wall by the Salzach River.

Plakat Lehen Wimmelbild Illustration Illustrator Clemens Birsak

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