Christmas Map of "Schafbergalm" the Mid-Station of the SchafbergBahn

Working with Salzburg AG Tourism, I took on the task of designing a Christmas Map for the Schafbergalm, a key point on the SchafbergBahn route. In the Advent season, this station is transformed into a festive gathering place. The map is intended to help visitors navigate through the festive landscape and fully enjoy the essence of the holiday season.

Schafbergalm Christmas Season

I designed a dual-language layout plan in German and English for the SchafbergBahn, due to its popularity among tourists. In the Advent season, the service stops at the mid-station, turning Schafbergalm into a festive area with warm punch and food. I chose a night-time theme to mirror winter’s brief days and emphasize the festive atmosphere.

The Cog Railway

Operated by Salzburg AG Tourism, the Schafbergbahn is Austria’s steepest cog railway, connecting St. Wolfgang with the Schafberg summit. During Advent, a festively decorated train takes visitors through the picturesque winter landscape to the mid-station. This approximately 25-minute journey offers a unique opportunity to experience the winter beauty of the region from a new perspective.

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