Illustrations for the waste separation campaign of the city of Salzburg

On behalf of the advertising agency die fliegenden Fische and their client the city of Salzburg, I was asked to illustrate all sorts of waste figures that would be displayed on posters all over Salzburg. All of these figures were used in the campaign for the Salzburg Waste Service. The campaign informs the people of Salzburg about the correct way of separating their waste.

Changes for the yellow bin​

As of January 2023, the conditions for separating waste changed with regard to the yellow bin and yellow bag. die fliegenden Fische developed a communication campaign to inform people about the changes. Not only plastic bottles and Tetrapak, but all light packaging and metal packaging can now be thrown away into the yellow bin. The campaign was eventually extended to other waste categories as well.

Playful trash in black and white

I was aked to create playful garbage figures that are looking forward to being disposed of into their bin. First I created a style, then I illustrated 31 waste figures, a rubbish bin and a glass container. In black and white and with faces, I first sketched all the figures in order to digitize them afterwards. Die fliegenden Fische then designed the poster campaign in consultation with the city of Salzburg.

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