Harmony and Buffles

A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak

Harmony has a cat. His name is Buffles. Melody has a dog. His Name is Pee. At least that’s what Harmony calls him. When Pee starts bothering Buffles, Harmony snaps. The book tells a surreal revenge story of a girl who loves her cat.

The two sisters Harmony and Melody both have pets. One day Melody’s dog “Pee” suddenly starts biting and peeing on Harmony’s cat “Buffles”. Melody doesn’t seem to care much and Harmony becomes furious! She can’t hold her anger in any longer and takes revenge on Pee and Melody! She scares, bites, even pees on Pee in order to get back at them.

Cover Harmony and Buffles


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Language: English
Pages: 36
Format: 26cm x 20cm

Self-Published in Salzburg, Austria.
Printed by buch.one

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Cover image Hubertas Hundsi


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