Kobi aud dem Moon

An illustrated children’s book about a goblin on the moon, a grandfather with a violin and a tired little boy on a fantastic adventure.

Cover of "Kobi auf dem Mond"

A children's book about a goblin on the moon

“Kobi auf dem Mond” (German) is an illustrated children’s book, for fans of mythical creatures, adventures, music and the moon.

Benjamin doesn’t believe in mythical creatures, but Grandpa is cerntain: There’s a goblin who lives on the moon. It says it in his book, but Grandpa can’t find this “Kobi”. Grandpa starts playing his violin in sorrow and his music sounds as terrible as he feels. How could Benjamin possibly fall asleep with such noise? Could he cheer Grandpa up somehow? Suddenly three goblins come out of the forest, complaining about the noise. Benjamin has an idea: One of these goblins has to go to the moon, then Grandpa can find him there.

Reading skills: Good or read aloud.
Pages: 68
Language: German

Photos and illustrations from "Kobi auf dem Mond"

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“Kobi auf dem Mond” is only available in German at the time.

The book was published with Kindle Direct Publishing. It is available on Amazon.de and internationally on Amazon.com and other regional Amazon sites.

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