Kobi auf dem Mond

A children's book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak

“Kobi auf dem Mond” is still in development as of now. What you can see here is unifinished work, but gives you an impression of what the book will become. 

It tells the story of Benjamin and his grandfather, who have travelled up to the top of the highest mountain, in order to look for a goblin on the moon. The goblin called “Kobi” is said to have been bullied for his looks and therefore escaped to the moon many genereations ago. 

Not being able to find him, gradpa starts playing his violin in sorrow, which wakes up three goblins who live on the mountain. In order to get grandpa to stop playing, the goblins and Benjamin decide to make the story a reality and bring the goblins to the moon.

I post new pictures of the book on my instagram as I finish them. So if you’d like to follow the process, follow me on instagram @clemensbirsak

Cover Kobi auf dem Mond

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