Kobi auf dem Mond

A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak

Book cover.

Cover of "Kobi auf dem Mond"

About "Kobi auf dem Mond"

About the book:
“Kobi auf dem Mond” is a children’s book which is much more text-based then my other projects. It’s ideal for reading aloud or for children with good reading skills. Nevertheless, each double page spread is illustrated and will visually guide readers through the story. I’m currently looking for a publisher for the book.

Benjamin and his Grandpa have travelled up to the top of a mountain in order to find a goblin on the moon with their telescope. This goblin is called “Kobi” and is said to have been bullied by his friends and escaped to the moon many generations ago. Because Grandpa can’t find him, he starts playing his violin in sorrow, which wakes up three goblins who live in the woods. In order to lift grandpa’s spirit and to find Kobi, the goblins and Benjamin decide to prepare for a trip to the moon.

The Style.


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