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Hidden-Object Picture of Salzburg

I created this hidden-object picture of Salzburg in cooperation with Academy Werbeagentur & Bar for their client Stadt-Salzburg. The city of Salzburg and all its employees care for their citizens every day with numerous very different services. As an artist from Salzbug, I was excited to be asked to create this picture of our city – and together with Academy Werbeagentur & Bar, I called out to all Salzburg residents: “Da tut sich was!” – which roughly translates to “Something is (always) happening!”

Da tut sich was!

This Slogan by Academy Bar & Werbeagentur is the title of the campaign and roughly translates to “Something is (always) happening!”. Keeping this sentence in mind I drew hundreds of characters, which can now be found in the hidden-object picture of Salzburg:

  • 305 human characters
  • 2 ghosts
  • 3x „Soizl” (anthropomorphic Salzburg bull)
  • 18 Animals (Rhinos, goats, zebras, monkeys, flamingos, bull, dog, cat)
  • Numerous bees, birds, butterflies and fish

Full of stories

I always aim to create pictures that move people. This picture is not only full of characters, but also full of emotions and stories. For me as an illustrator, this was a dream project. As a Salzburg artist, creating such a work for the city of Salzburg means a lot to me and with such an attentive partner as the Academy Werbeagentur & Bar, the creative process was a real pleasure.

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