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Hubertas Hundsi

A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak.

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About "Hubertas Hundsi"

This picture book tells the story of a little girl called Huberta losing her soft toy “Hundsi” in her aunts Hundsi-factory. Seemingly as a sideline the book explores themes like memories, family and emotionality of objects in a child’s life.

Little Huberta has a stuffed animal called Hundsi. The two live at Huberta’s Aunt Helga’s place and seem to have moved in with her just recently. Hundsi was a gift by Huberta’s Grandma and so, the stuffed animal is also a reminder of all the memories she has of her. Hundsi does everything, that grandma did, and is the center of Hubertas life. They especially love baking cakes together, from grandma’s recipe book. They smell fantastic! Aunt Helga is the owner of a stuffed animal factory, where thousands of such Hundsis are produced. One day Helga takes her niece on a tour of the “Hundsi-factory”. At sight of all the mass-produced Hundsis, she drops her Hundsis, which disappears in the mass of stuffed animals. After a long search, Huberta notices a scent in the air. She recognizes the smell as Grandma’s cakes. The wonderful smell leads Huberta back to her Hundsi.

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Language: German
Pages: 40
Format: DIN A4

Self-Published in Salzburg, Austria.
Printed by

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