Endless Dream

Video game Artwork

The Game is inspired by the genre of 2D shooter games, but is strongly influenced by puzzle games and role-playing games. A special focus on art style and sound and a subliminally narrated plot generate the mysterious atmosphere of the game. I worked on this game as a game artist and storyteller.


After a car accident, Annelie finds herself trapped in a dream world. In the game world, a subtle confrontation with her memories and emotions takes place, and a steadily intensifying perception of the world outside of her dream is noticeable. While navigating her soul vessel through three different abstract dream worlds, the events that preceeded can be reconstructed.


The path through her consciousness is complicated by symbol charged puzzles and enemies which challenge the skill and marksmanship of the players. By combining soul stones and modifying stones in the Combination Menu, shots can be created to solve puzzles and skilfully defeat enemies. All stones can be collected throughout the dream worlds and stored in the inventory.

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Endless Dream is an Indie Game developed by Lost in Pixels

Game Art:
Clemens Birsak
Alexandra Wartha

Game Developer:
Marius Hartl

Sound Design:
Julia Grall

Johannes Ebner



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