Harmony and Buffles

Cover Harmony and Buffles

Harmony and Buffles A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak Summary:Harmony has a cat. His name is Buffles. Melody has a dog. His Name is Pee. At least that’s what Harmony calls him. When Pee starts bothering Buffles, Harmony snaps. The book tells a surreal revenge story of a girl who loves her […]

Kobi auf dem Mond

Cover Kobi auf dem Mond

Kobi auf dem Mond A children’s book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak About the book:“Kobi auf dem Mond” is a children’s book which is much more text-based then my other projects. It’s ideal for reading aloud or for children with good reading skills. Nevertheless, each double page spread is illustrated and will visually guide […]

Endless Dream

Endless Dream Video game Artwork The Game is inspired by the genre of 2D shooter games, but is strongly influenced by puzzle games and role-playing games. A special focus on art style and sound and a subliminally narrated plot generate the mysterious atmosphere of the game. I worked on this game as a game artist […]

Dort oben bei den Sternen

Get the book Amazon.de Edition Tandem Other sellers: Thalia.at, Wagnersche.at, Hugendubel.de etc. Dort oben bei den Sternen A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak “Dort oben bei den Sternen” (Up beyond the stars) is my third picture book. Every night, when it gets dark outside, a little boy looks up to the stars. […]

Hubertas Hundsi

Hubertas Hundsi Cover Square

Hubertas Hundsi A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak Summary:This picture book tells the story of a little girl called Huberta losing her soft toy “Hundsi” in her aunts Hundsi-factory. Seemingly as a sideline the book explores themes like memories, family and emotionality of objects in a child’s life. Story:Little Huberta has a […]

All the best things!

A picture book about greed and happiness! Follow a boy on his adventures and meet all his victims, as he steals all their things.

Shapes as Characters

This video is about character design in the broader sense, but focusing on aspects which might not be as obvious as the visual appearance. That’s why I’m concentrating on simple geometrical shapes, no shiny graphics here.