All the best things!

A picture book written and illustrated by Clemens Birsak

Follow a boy on his adventures and meet all his victims, as he steals all their things. A picture book about greed and happiness!
Parental guidance is advised. The book explores manipulative qualities of illustration and storytelling and portrays greed as a desirable personality trait.
To be used as a tool.
To be used for education.

This picture book tells the story of a boy who steals from people around him, causing them harm and gaining happiness for himself. This greedy and immoral behaviour only benefits the protagonist and lets him receive “all the best things”. Following the boy on four of his adventures, he shows readers the beauty of egoism and greed.


Further Infomation

The book has not been published officially yet. I only printed a few copies, which were exhibited at the austria-wide research event “Lange Nacht der Forschung 2018” at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.
The picture book is set to be published later this year in 2018.